Veel gestelde vragen

  • Can Belgians come to our centre to have an MRI or ultrasound?

    Yes, of course.

  • Is it obligatory to have a referral letter?

    • As a Dutch patient, this is necessary if you want everything to go through your health insurer. You can also visit us without a referral letter and pay for your tests on the spot according to the drop-in rates - see here.
    • As a Belgian patient, this is not relevant, as you always pay for your tests on the spot according to the Belgian rates - see here.
  • Is there a reimbursement?

    • Belgians: Currently, Belgian health insurance funds do not reimburse MRI and ultrasound tests that you undergo at Open MRI Zen. However, every patient is free to submit invoices to their health insurance and ask whether reimbursement may nonetheless be granted under certain conditions. You can increase the chance of reimbursement by having a document completed by the referring physician/general practitioner and submitting it in advance to your health insurer. Approval can take up to 45 days.
    • Dutch residents: if you have a referral letter from your general practitioner/specialist, reimbursement is via your health insurer. Your health insurer may first deduct the bill from your deductible. Depending on your type of insurance, a contribution of €50,00 per MRI exam will be charged.
  • Do you have an open MRI scanner?

    Yes, we have a Hitachi 1.2T open scanner.

  • Is it possible that someone accompanies me during the MRI?

    Someone is always allowed to accompany you during the scan if they do not have a pacemaker or neurostimulator.

  • What is the price for an MRI scan or ultrasound?

    This depends on the type of test and your nationality/insurance.

  • When is it possible to have an appointment?

    We ask you on the phone what time is best for you or give you an appointment within 5 workdays.

  • Is Open MRI Zen open during the weekend?

    No, we work by appointment from Monday to Friday, from 08h30 to 17h00. Some days, we work later in the evenings but these are variable according to specific requests.

  • Where in Sluis are you located?

    We are in the business complex in Sluis, diagonally across from indoor amusement park 'Toversluis' and within walking distance of 'De Molen' in the centre of Sluis.

  • Is that in the Netherlands?

    Yes, it is near the Belgian border, but in the Netherlands, Zeeland.

  • Do you have a centre in Belgium? You also have a Belgian phone number, why is that?

    We are only located in the Netherlands. We have a Belgian telephone number that also reaches Sluis, only for the convenience of Belgian patients.

  • Which exams do you perform?

    Als stralingsvrij centrum bieden wij enkel MRI en echografie aan.
    Bekijk hier een overzicht van onze onderzoeken.

    U kan bij ons NIET terecht voor RX-röntgenopnames, RX-mammografie, CT, conebeam CT- CBCT, PET, SPECT, nucleaire onderzoeken of botdensitometrie.

  • How long does an MRI take?

    The tests vary in duration, depending on such factors as how well you can lie still. On average, a test takes 20 minutes.

  • Can I have several MRI’s on the same day?

    This is certainly possible if it is planned. Because an MRI is not harmful to the body, this is no problem.

  • Kunnen alle MRI onderzoeken doorgaan op het open toestel?

    Neen, er zijn enkele technische beperkingen. Een MRI van het hart, de longen, de borsten of de  enkel kunnen niet op onze open MRI doorgaan. Dit kan enkel in ons stillere gesloten 3T MRI van Canon.

    MRI van de knie doen we standaard in de gesloten MRI, aangezien uw hoofd buiten het toestel blijft.